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Have you Thought About Air-Conditioning?
Home Knowledge Hub Have you Thought About Air-Conditioning?
20 Apr 2023  /  by admin   /   0 Comments

Have you Thought About Air-Conditioning?

Depending on where you live, air-conditioning can change from an, “it would be nice”, to a, “we must have!” If you live in the south during the summer, you are either accustomed to the heat and humidity or you dwell as much as possible in the cool of the air-conditioning. Out west, you get the “dry heat” as in Phoenix where temperatures can get up past 115 degrees. Then there is the upper Midwest where the temperatures in the summer are not really that bad…unless there is a hot streak where the temperatures can be in the upper 90’s and have high humidity where the felt temperature is over 105. Then there is the east coast up around the New England area. This area can be very nice in the summer but every year without fail there will times where the temp shoots into the 90’s and the humidity goes really high and people just start to wilt.

The point behind all of this is, no matter where you live in the country, there will be either constant heat and humidity or just the occasional “heat from hell” during the summer. The only alternative to this dilemma is to “put up with it” and suffer or use air-conditioning. However, there are some who must have temperature control over their environment for their health’s sake. On the whole, most would prefer having some sort of air-conditioning to take care of the times when the heat and humidity get to be too much.

Now we come to the crux of the matter: what type of air-conditioning system do I desire. There are many types of air-conditioning system such as window air-conditioners, room air-conditioners, central air-conditioner and etc.

Next comes, what size do I need? Can my house electrical handle the increased electrical load? Do I have to change out my furnace to install an AC system? All of these are legitimate questions and the answers are dependent on all of the above-mentioned variables. Let us not forget, “can I afford what I want or need?” Ah yes, that very critical question that determines so many things. The majority of these questions are dependent upon location but affordability is one that can be answered easily…yes! You can afford air-conditioning. There is always financing through the installation company, plus there are government programs, government grants, non-profit organizations, charitable trusts, efficiency rebates and other ways and organizations to help afford an air-conditioner.

Now that we have the financing problem taken care of, let take a look at what air- conditioning system would be the best for the need. For some, who only need an air-conditioner for the night to help them sleep, a window air-conditioner would be fine. If there is a need to air-condition the whole house, a central air-conditioning system would be best. This type of system also has the most financial opportunities available for it.

The size of the system is dependent on the size of the area needing air-conditioning whether it is a home or place of business. There are various formula’s used to determine what size cooling system would maximize the desire cooling without being too big and become overkill with its attending cost increase over what was actually needed. A trusted company will have all the tools necessary to figure out all that is required. Now by trusted company, I mean a company that has been in business for a good while, is registered with the state, has all the proper licenses and perhaps, most of all, they must be insured to protect the homeowner/ business and their own personnel in case of any problems.

A central air-conditioning system uses the blower system of the central heating system to distribute the chilled air around the house /building. Couple a central AC system with a programable thermostat and this becomes the ideal type of system. A programable thermostat would allow the air conditioning to be shut off automatically when you are not home to use it and turn it on before you arrive home from wherever you had to go. That way the system is not constantly running and costing you money when you are not there to actually use the system.

An AC system is practical for most budgets and a practical convenience as well. The days of the ridiculously expensive AC system are in the past. An AC system can be very economical now days. Think about it, you deserve it!!

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