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Smoke Detectors
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29 Apr 2023  /  by admin   /   0 Comments

Under appreciated and sometimes completely neglected, a smoke detector leads a lonely life. It sets on its base attached to a ceiling waiting for a call to action, and it waits and waits and…you get the picture. This little item is the ultimate “bench sitter”. It must patiently wait for its turn to be used, since it is good for nothing else but detecting smoke. However, it is very, very good at what it does because what it does can save someone’s life.

A smoke detector is not an expensive item nor is it a large item but it most definitely a needed item in every home. An argument can be made for, “Why bother with a smoke detector when I can smell smoke and deal with it?” Actually this is not a bad argument, as we all have an ability to smell smoke but there are times when you may not smell the smoke prior to it being firmly established as a fire and then it may be too late to save your home but you will save your life and your family. But what if everyone is asleep and you are awakened by the smell of smoke or maybe not awakened by the smell of smoke? Either one of these circumstances can produce an event no one wants!

Suppose there is no fire and the requisite smoke, why should I waste money on something I will not use? Let me ask a few questions at this point: Have you ever seen a smoldering fire? Have you ever seen a fire that has not gotten to the point where it is actually giving off smoke and flame, but is still a fire? Certain fires, prior to actually bursting into flame, can sit and smolder, giving off toxic and deadly gases that are not detectible by the human olfactory nerves (the nose system). These types of fires can kill just as dead as fires with lots of smoke and visible flames. Every home whether it is a house, and apartment or any other sort of domicile, all have items contained therein that when exposed to enough heat, will give off toxic vapors and eventually ignite. A perfect example of this is certain painting items, gun cleaning fluids left on cleaning rags, various household chemicals used in combination with cleaning rags. These are just a few items that can make life a bit more difficult, but the point is simple, a smoke detector will detect smoke even if you cannot see or smell it because of certain airborne particulates that the smoke detector is particularly sensitive to and will react to.

A smoke detector is very cheap life and property insurance and protection and are available at any location that sell hardware items, plus it is very simple to place in a home. It just requires a couple of screws (they come with the smoke detector) or some double-sided foam tape (also available at the hardware location). Next, you install the battery (it comes with it) and you are done. Be safe and be well!

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