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Sump Pump Basics
Home Knowledge Hub Sump Pump Basics
17 May 2023  /  by admin   /   0 Comments

Many folks need a sump pump because of a high water table where their home or dwelling place is located. There is a sump well in their basement and the pump is place at the bottom of the sump where water will accumulate and it needs to be pumped out by the pump. A pipe system is attached to the pump to remove the water from the sump and this water is usually pumped into the primary house drain or pumped outside.

If you have the pump cease operation, the sump will fill with water and then it will overflow and flood your basement. There is no need to discuss how bad this could get because it is obvious how bad this could be.

What needs to be watched is when the pump does not appear to be moving the water out of the sump with the same efficiency that it previous had. This could mean a couple of things; the pump may be semi-plugged by some kind of debris; the pipe coming out of the pump may be blocked or the pump is going bad due to age or some other sort of malfunction. I need to add that there is also a check-valve located in the pipe coming from the pump. This could also be plugged or not allowing the flow of water due to its being seized up.

All of these things need to be watched. Give them a check once a month or more, depending on how often the pump comes on. There are some sumps that have a slow trickle of water coming into them and others that seem to have a constant flow, it simply depends on what you have. There are a couple of other minor items that could cause sump pump trouble but the ones delineated already are the big problems. But like I said, just keep an eye on things and you will be ahead of the “game”. However, if the pump does quit on you, you can replace it by yourself if you are just a little handy with tools. But if you are not or just do not have the time to do the work yourself, give us or another company a call and we will gladly fix the problem for you. We have many, many years of experience in doing sump repairs. The job is not that difficult but sometimes you just want to have it done by a professional which also comes with a warrantee.

You may get a thought about, “What pump should I get? The same one or a larger or smaller one?” If you decide to do the job by yourself, get an exact replacement because it will make it a simpler job to perform. If you decide to have a professional do the job then they will make the determination and get the appropriate pump for the job.

Another thing to consider is, “Is this covered by my home owner’s insurance?” The answer to this is, yes. This is something that is not expensive and definitely is covered, which can take a mental load off your mind, in case you were wondering. Contact us if you have any questions. Be well and stay dry!

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