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Commercial Boiler, Geothermal, and Electric Heating Services and Repair.
At ClearWater, we can do more than just gas furnaces:
    Our staff is trained to work with steam and hot water boilers, geothermal units, and electric radiant heating sources. If your business has a boiler, you know that you need regular routine maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency. We offer maintenance contracts, as well as emergency service for all makes and models, including boiler replacement.
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Got a Ground Source Heat Pump, also known as a "Geothermal" unit? We're here to help with maintenance, repair, or installation.


If you prefer electric radiant heat or a mini-split heat pump, we've got you covered. We sell and service top-quality brands to fit your needs and budget. At ClearWater Construction Services, we specialize in installing, repairing, and commissioning boiler systems. From wall-hung boilers to steam boilers, and everything in between, we have the expertise to handle circulatory pumps, power burners, and combustion controls.


For continuous steam or hot water demand, like in laundry facilities or hospitals, steam boilers are essential. Our licensed team can inspect, install, service, and repair your steam boilers.


Need a heating system for large commercial spaces? Our high-efficiency condensing boilers can be installed in a cascade to meet the demands. This system optimizes heat, efficiency, and hot water supply, with multiple boilers as a backup.

We can also perform the necessary CSD-1 inspections that are required annually for boilers.

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Commercial Boiler Services

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