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Boiler, Geothermal, and Electric Heating Services and Repair.
At ClearWater, we can do more than just gas furnaces:
    Our staff is trained to work with steam and hot water boilers, geothermal units, and electric radiant heating sources. If your home or business has a boiler, you know that you need regular routine maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency. We offer maintenance contracts, as well as emergency service for all makes and models, including boiler replacement.
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If you have a Ground Source Heat Pump, also known as a “Geothermal” unit, we have you covered. Our team can help with maintenance, repairs, or even a new installation.

And if you prefer electric radiant heat or a mini-split heat pump, we can assist with installation and service. We offer a variety of top-quality brands to suit your specific needs and budget.

Did you know that replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a new one can save you up to 40% on your utility bill? New boilers can be up to 98% efficient, meaning they transfer almost all of the heat they produce to the water.

With wall-hung combi boilers, you can also enjoy instant hot water and heat your entire home from one compact unit. These boilers are quiet and can be conveniently installed in various rooms.

As a certified contractor, ClearWater Construction is your go-to for all your boiler system needs. Radiant heating provides ultimate comfort, with the water heated by the boiler and circulated through pipes under your floor or to radiators. Say goodbye to allergies and respiratory problems, as radiant heating eliminates the need for forced air movement that can blow dust and allergens around.

Hydronic radiant heating is more energy efficient than furnaces and more cost-effective than electric systems, making it a great choice for your home.

Choose ClearWater for all your heating needs. We’re here to serve you with a joyful spirit!

Residential Services
Residential Boiler Services
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